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The following is a confirmed list of features from official Ray's the Dead promo material.

Features List[edit | edit source]

  • Releasing on PC, MAC, and Linux!
  • Ray's The Dead is a fresh take on the zombie game genre - YOU are the zombie! That's right, this is your rare opportunity to side with the zombies and experience their side of the story.
  • In Ray's The Dead you'll start the game as a single zombie... Ray of course, and create a variety of unique zombie types that will help cause mayhem along the way! Each zombie type has its own unique skill set that will aid in your quest.
  • You know all the classic moments you've seen in all your favorite zombie movies? Zombies streaming out of the forest to surprise the poor innocent humans. Zombies crashing through the windows, shocking the passerby? You have the pleasure of recreating all those moments in Ray's the Dead!
  • A simple way to sum it up is Pikmin meets Stubbs the Zombie, but also so much more! An action game at its core, Ray?s The Dead also has strong tactical elements, stealth, puzzle solving, and even some adventure game elements.
  • A satisfying and surprisingly gripping story is fairly uncommon in this genre. Experience Ray's life as a Zombie, as well as his live before his demise via interactive storytelling elements in the form of playable flashbacks.
  • Nostalgic and inviting 80's setting. You?ll meet lots of familiar faces and see lots of familiar sights in this throwback to this eclectic period.
  • Adding to that 80?s feel, an incredible soundtrack featuring a variety of today?s best independent musicians! Headlined by the industry favorite Jake Kaufman, and featuring additional compositions by Luke Rowell of DisasterRadio. With many more to be announced in the coming months!
  • Ragtag Studio consists of three industry veterans that have worked in the industry for 13 years each on titles such as Stubbs the Zombie, Halo Wars, and Thief 3.